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Mar 30, 2012

iRule with HTML content - The braced list of attributes is not closed for 'rule'

I'm migrating from a single LTM to a HA LTM pair and when trying to load the config, I get the following error:

BIGpipe parsing error (/config/bigip.conf Line 847):

012e0054:3: The braced list of attributes is not closed for 'rule'.

The rule that is causing this issue is below:

   when HTTP_REQUEST {
        if { [active_members [LB::server pool]] == 0 } {
                HTTP::respond 200 content {Bonds Online - Down for Maintenance  
   Bonds Online is down for maintenance
   The service you are looking for is unavailable at the moment. We will be back up and running before long, so please try again soon. Thanks for your patience.

The page works correctly in the production environment but I'm not able to move forward with the HA pair preparation until I get past this. Any idea where the interpreter might be hanging up? Any input is appreciated.



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  • Which version are you testing on? There have been some iRule parsing issues fixed in recent versions.



    In the meantime, can you try to encode the HTML content so the iRule parser doesn't get hung up?



    URL encode the HTML content:


    save the URL encoded content to a static variable (for 10.0 or higher) or a local variable:


    set static::html [URI::decode "%3chtml%3e%3cstyle%20type%3d%22text%2fcss%22%3e...%3c%2fhtml%3e"]


    and then modify the HTTP::respond command to reference the URI decoded HTML:


    HTTP::respond 200 content $static::html