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Feb 16, 2012

irule with different pool by URI

Can anyone help me?


I've a viprion system with 10.2.1 code

My problem is that this Irule doesn't work correctly due an error?






log local0. " l'HOST e' [HTTP::host], l'URI e' [HTTP::uri]"


switch -glob [HTTP::uri] {


"/xmlpserver/*" -


"/analytics/*" -


"/em/*" -


"/analytics-ws/*" -


"/wsm-pm/*" -


"/bimiddleware/*" -


"/mapviewer/*" -


"/ui/*" -


"/rtis/*" -


"/schema/*" -


"/ws/*" -


"/bioffice/*" -


"/biofficeclient/*" -


"/console/*" {


log local0. "CSE - l'URI e' [HTTP::uri], sono dentro al pool-www-obi-v"


pool pool-www-obi-v-7777


persist source_addr 3600




default {


log local0. "CSE - l'URI e' [HTTP::uri], sono dentro"




persist source_addr 3600











When I try to connect to the virtual server like the irule log show me the correct pool (obi pool) but with the tcpdump I see the packet dispaced on the default pool.


If I put any caracter after the slash like: the correct pool is engaged.


I've tried to remove the asterisk, the last slash...but I'm not able to resolve this problem


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  • Hi Nitass


    I've foud the problem. The issue is caused by an Http compression profile wit the caching enabled.


    I've removed the caching function end now work fine.



    Thanks and regards