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Mar 14, 2024

iRule URI Redirect for BIG-IP DNS.

Hello All,


We have a WIP ( setup on the BIG-IP DNS with a two generic hosts as pool members in different DC's . We recently got a request asking if we could redirect certain API's ( URI's ) to  only particular DC. I know we can achieve this by using LTM's but in this case we are not load balancing to a LTM VIP's. I am assuming if we can write a iRule and attach it to a listener IP on the BIG-IP DNS that would redirect all the incoming request for only to a particular DC.  I am not an expert in the iRule so any help would greatly appreciated.  

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  • bigip dns only receives dns request and dns request doesnt contain url so above req cant be done by bigip dns alone.

    you can add local traffic policy in LTM to direct the /def request to different pool that only contains server in intended DC.
    it's gui based so no need for irules scripting.