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May 17, 2017

iRule to point to two DNS servers depending on domain

Hi all,

So we have a situation where we are using the BIG-IP to act as an RDP gateway to two separate domains.

So basically a single workstation can RDP into two separate domains. We need the F5 to resolve IP addresses to the correct hostname.

Now this works perfectly fine for the first DNS server + domain in our list as configured by System > Configuration > Device > DNS.

However the 2nd domain fails as I don't think the requests reach the 2nd DNS server.

I am wondering if there is an iRule we can create that will route certain destination IP/hostnames to a certain DNS server for resolution.

This is what I tried to create myself but I think I may have been slightly off...

    if { [IP::client_addr] starts_with  "10.10.10." } {
       switch -glob [string tolower [DNS::rrname]] {
    "" -
        pool DNS_1
    default {
         pool DNS_2

So i'm trying to point anything looking for to DNS_1 pool and everything else to DNS_2 pool...but I think I may be completely off base!

Are there any iRule wizards that can assist?


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  • I don't think iRule is the correct tool for this problem.


    Based in your iRule, the user is sending the query. However, you are talking about the DNS configured for the BIG-IP itself. So, who needs to query those names?


    What modules do you have in the unit?


    What version are you using?