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Oct 09, 2011

Irule to persist usernames for View clients




If someone running an irule to persist usernames for View client.?



We need to identify a way to track user connections to VDI brokers internally from office & also externally when they connect via internet to forward them to same broker.

Internal & external User connections -> VIP (pool members are VDI brokers 1 & 2) - > users are given static VDI sessions based on usernames (static assignment are managed by VMware but VDI brokers are not inter-connected, they run on separate Virtual Centre in different buildings, user need to get to same broker every time they reconnect )


Internal user subnet or cookie can be used to persist connections to same broker but as IP & cookie will change for external connections we need to find a way to track same user request & persist to same broker. (This is required as they use thin clients and save files on VDI)





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    We have a solution that may help you, which is new, and it does just this. If this is still a desire, please send an email to and we will assist you.



  • I know this question has brought up before, but I can't find this iRule anywhere on DevCentral