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Sep 15, 2021

iRule to mark VS status unavailable .

Need help on bellow scenario :

There are two pool members p_https and p_ftp and VS vs_services . If any of the pool member is down then VS should be mark as unavailable . This is requirement for RHI and if any ftp or https service down then vs_service will be mark as unavailable and will stop advertising route .


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  • You could probably do this using monitors.


    If you create a HTTPS monitor with the required Send and Retrieve Strings and then add in the Alias address and port of the HTTPS server.

    Then create a FTP monitor, again with the required settings and add in the Alias address and port of the FTP server.


    Then on the Pool, apply both monitors at the Pool level (rather then the Member level) and make sure the Availability Requirement setting is to to All.


    I haven't tested this but think it would probably do what you need.