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May 14, 2012

Irule to get new MRHsession cookie depending on the URI




I have a virtual server with one URL that gets redirected to different servers depending on the URI. It is on a BIGIP V11 with LTM, ASM and APM.



The thing is that if I open several tabs corresponding to each URI in my browser I can only get the first URI. I get errors with the others.



That's why I'm trying to write an irule that creates a new MRHsession cookie (with the URI in it) every time I open a new tab with a new URI.



Any ideas about of I could achieve this ?



Thanks in advance,





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    You don't want to mess with MRHsession cookie if you can help it. This cookie is present in the requests even if you open multiple tabs, as long as the URLs in those tabs use the same host name, and if you enable domain cookie in the policy, only the domain name has to match.



    in other words, tab1=, tab2=



    if domain cookie enabled, and the domain="" specified, this will work: tab1=, tab2=



    What is the error you are getting?



    Send examples of the various URLs that you are using.



    Send more information about how you are redirecting the requests.



    When you say , only the first URL works, do all URLs work if tried first?



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      Hi John This looks like 2 years old, but still I got exactly the same issue here. Only the first URI works, the following ones all failed with an error "The connection was reset". Our requirement is to do APM policies for the following URLs: But only the first one works.All the following one will get the above help. please help. Thanks.
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      When i say first one, I mean whichever entered first, not necessarily the first URL in the list. The following ones just fail with above error.