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May 07, 2007

iRule that if jessionsID doesn't exist balance between two pools.




I'm trying to create an iRule that would first check to see if a jessionid exists. If a cookie with a jsessionid and jvm route exists I need the load balancer to send it to the pool associated with that JVM route and subsequently stick it to the node in that pool. If a cookie doesn't exist, I need the load balancer to make a decision to send it to one of two pools that correspond to the JVM clusters.



The jsessionid looks like this:






Where atgcsr1 is the jvmroute and the app3 is the node in the pool associate with the jvmroute.




Anyone else doing anything like this that could shed some light?







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  • There are plenty of jsession related rules on the forum, perhaps you can read through a few and post back with some questions? You'll need a class or two to map jvm route -> pool and node -> server IP for dynamic forwarding. Search on jsession and you should turn up a nice plateful of reading.