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Sep 19, 2020

Irule redirection from public to private url

Is it feasible to redirect URL

from (this is public url/External accessible)


to (this is private url/Internally accessible only)(no pool for this as of now do i need to create so that we can redirect to it)


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  • , Yes you can redirect but it will create problem from internet. As if someone is trying to access from internet, iRule will redirect it to and as this URL is only private URL. So, on public internet, it won't resolve any IP address. Redirection will happen but the content wont load. If you want to do such redirection from internet, first externalize/publish private URL over the internet so it will be accessible on internet too then set required redirection.


    Within Intranet/LAN, the will load as expected and so redirection from to will happen and required page will get load as expected.

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      OK thanks what IRULE should i use.. i tried few but didn't work..

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    you can try reverse proxy


    It works really well for me for static html pages. I can't get it to work with out application with jsp pages.