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May 17, 2021

iRule node selection does not work


we have iRule which is supposed to route traffic to specific IP and nexthop + do SNAT based on values in datagroup.

Problem is that command node seems to not be properly working. LB sends TCP Reset just after receiving TCP SYN.

When I remove node and use pool assigned to VIP it works fine.

   if {[class match [IP::local_addr] equals my_datagroup]}{
       set values [class match -value [IP::local_addr] equals my_datagroup]
       #node [lindex $values 1]
       # try to set node manually
       node 50
       nexthop [lindex $values 2] [lindex $values 3]
       if {[llength $values] > 4 }{
           snatpool [lindex $values 4]
       else {
           snat automap

I enabled logging of TCP RST reason (modify sys db tm.rstcause.log value enable) and got this info:

"Route domain is not reachable (strict mode).

But we have all objects in same partitinon/RD. Might it be that command "node" does not work properly at other than Common partition?

We are running at v 13.



  • Try using route domain ID. e.g. if your node resides in route domain 5

    node 50