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Apr 25, 2012

iRule implementation for limiting concorrent connections

Hello All,



We are running the BIG-IP LTM 1600 ver. 10.2.2



I need help to know how we can implement an iRule to limit the number of concorrent connection per server.



We have one applicaiton where there is a need to implement some kind of rule which can bind the number of concorrent connection reaching to some limit let's say 500. I tried to implement using the 'connection limit' option available in VS setting. Setting this blocks the existing connection if it open another stream or connection.



User don't want to loose the existing connection but want to stop NEW connection.



Is there any way to implement the same.



Thanks in advance.



- Ankit

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  • Hi Ankit,



    You could track current client IP addresses in a subtable and the current connection count in a table entry and only reject connections from clients not in a subtable when the connections hit your threshold. See Spark's table articles for details: