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Apr 14, 2022

Irule for health check other than back ened server

Hi ALl,

We have a requirement on BIG IP-DNS  to create a health check monitor for a web server that resides on a different pool and if that server goes down, failover traffic to a different web server. 

for example:

we have twp URLs, each URL has it's own pool, in that pool there's a VS for primary and secondaru DC. 

URL ( LDAP Wide IP ) >>>> 1 Pool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Virtual Server ( PDC and SDC )
URL ( SSO Wide IP) >>>>> 1 Pool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Virtual Server ( PDC and SDC )

Currently, all traffic is hitting both URLs on PDC, the requirement is if the health check monitor for URL SSO at PDC goes down, the traffic automatically failover to the SDC, AND URL LDAP also needs to be failovered to the SDC. 

Does anyone happen to have this kind of setup? I have been told that this is doable via iRule but I'm not an expert on iRule. 

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  • Can you try the option of using dependency list under virtual server.  so under LDAP PDC virtual server in DNS, select dependency of PDC VIP of SSO. 


  • Hey Sanjay,

    Thanks mate for your answer. it looks like the correct solution for this design. As these F5 are in production, I cannot run any test, however, I will run this with the client and will schedule for deployment and I will keep you posted on the outcome.