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Nov 08, 2013

iRule Event Order - HTTP

All, I'm in the process of creating a number of diagrams visually describing iRule event order for a number of reasons. Before I get busy making this all sexy and colourful, would anyone care to take a look and confirm I've got things right. I'll post the final version once it's done. I'm also hoping to add in some notes on any iRule commands which might affect the flow. Thanks.


Updated to v0.2 below as DC won't let me insert a picture in an existing comment it seems.


Updated to v0.3 below, now including server side events.


Updated to v0.4 below 11/Nov/2013


Updated to v0.5 below 11/Nov/2013


Updated to v0.6 below 12/Nov/2013


Updated to v0.7 below 12/Nov/2013 - events added


Update to v0.9 below 29/04/2014 - Updated to v9: added HTTP::disable and HTTP::enable commands and details on persistence.


Updated to v1.1 - June 2014. Added XML profile and event, other minor corrections.


Updated to v1.2 September 2014. Reordered some server side events, added further notes.


FYI here's the link for the HTTPS/SSL/TLS diagram



Note: The file listed below is the HTTP Event Flow order can view/download this file as needed.

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