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Mar 28, 2022

Irule direct traffic to external site

Traffic arrives at an existing VIP

When the URI is pay1, I have to send a connection to an external web site 

"*pay1" {
set dest_host [RESOLV::lookup @ ""]
HTTP::uri "/merchant.jsp"


HTTP::header replace host $dest_host
node $dest_host 443


External site recently changed their process to no longer allow IP address connections, the issue
is that I cannot figure out how to forward the required traffic to the external site via the irule.

I think that this is how the F5 is sending the external traffic, and this gives me an error.

curl --header 'Host: www.externalsite.comhttps://

THis works as expected via curl

curl -kv

Any bright ideas how to modify the irule to allow the connection as per the bottom section?

Tried this and it didn't work

HTTP::header replace host
node $dest_host 443

do not want to hardcode the IP's in the irule.


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