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May 19, 2018

Irule creation



Need a help on irule i have a site when user hits this they have to be redirected to where as is our domain name.I have cert with FQDN So whenever user hits they are getting SSL error. Note:I cannot add aaa as SAN name to cert because this is external cert and we access this url both internal and external.


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  • Hi,


    when the browser first requests , the browser :


    • open TCP connection
    • Initiate the TLS handshake with server name "aaa"
    • receive the browser with certificate
    • display SSL error, the user accept the SSL error
    • send request for
    • receive the redirect to

    you can create a certificate for aaa sign by your internal CA (imported in browsers trusted CA) and enable SNI


  • Thanks Piron. Do we need to import the private cert in all users browser?


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      So I guess this certificate authority is already added as trusted CA on all AD computers.


      If it is, there is no more action to be done on computers.