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May 22, 2012

iqdump running fine but synchronization not happening. Help!

Hi Everyone!



I am facing a big problem with the GTM Synchronization and am desperately looking for a solution.



I am adding my DR GTM to the synchronization group through the gtm_add command.



The command is run successfully.



After running the command I run the iqdump command (the output is attached) which gives the correct output.



When i make any changes in the HQ or the DR GTM they are not replicated on the other GTM.



Let's say i disable the HQ pool member to see if the application users get the IP Address of the DR pool member, but this change is not propagated to the DR GTM and users who end up at the DR GTM for the name resolution get the ip of the HQ pool member (Load balancing mode = Global Availability)



The messages that i get on the DR GTM are also attached as a screenshot.



In addition to this I can see multiple certificates of the same device in the Device Certificates and the Server Certificates of the other devices.




I would appreciate if anyone can help me out here. Thanks in advance.




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  • I faced similar issues and upon performing the following steps, we were able to resolve the issue.



    1. Check the IP's listed under "server definitions" in the wideip.conf file under /config/gtm/


    2. Once you have the list of IPs. Ensure you allow iquery port 4353 (TCP and UDP) to be open on the IPs on both the appliances.


    3. Once the port is open, the sync should run with out issues.



    Hope this helps.



    - Santosh