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Apr 18, 2012






I have an important question about IPV6 for both LTM and ASM:



IPV6 Is it supported by LTM and ASM(I am in version 11.1.0), indeed, Ineed to configure VS and pool with IPV6 then configure ASM for the VS ? for your information the IPV6 GATWAY module is activate.





Thank you in advance.



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  • IPv6 Support


    ASM now supports IPv6 addresses for application traffic management where you can configure an IP address. Any place where IP addresses are supported, whether in the GUI or in internal/external logging capabilities, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are shown in their normal string representations.



    Note: ASM does not support IPv6 addresses for the following configurations:



    •ICAP server


    •SMTP server


    •Remote logging server




    •WhiteHat IP addresses


    •Search engines/bot domains


    Release Note: BIG-IP ASM version 11.1.0