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Nov 21, 2011

Invalidation Rule Help




I have a caching policy. It caches pages based on the combination of a URL + the value of a cookie. Every page gets a different version of it cached based on the value of a specific cookie.



This works great. However, the content publishers would like to be able to check their pages as soon as they make changes. This is a little tough because right now, they need to wait for the cache to time out. Solution: Invalidation!!!



I have configured an invalidation rule that I think should allow my content publishers to visit any page and add "?invalidatecache" to the end of the URL to invalidate the cache. However, when I test this and look at my S codes, the content still keeps serving from cache.



My config





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    You may want an 'unnamed query parameter' if all you want to pass is ?invalidatecache as the trigger. I think the policy guide might have more detail on this but that would be my first guess based on your config and what options the policy editor gives you.