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Nov 16, 2022

internal redirect publish

Hi everyone,

I have a riddle to be solved on F5, if it is doable,

We have two internal servers, VMware automation, and VMware IDentity manager, "workspace one" , the target is that we need to publish the web console of a virtual machine, any virtual machine in the VMware automation to end user portal, however, and from internal behaviour also, when the user hits the web console link through Automation, he gets redirected totally to an internal link of VMware IDentity manager for sign in, once he signs in , he is redirected back to the original VMware automation link.

the question is, when VMware automation redirects the link to VMware IDentity manager, the end user outside, loses the connection, since the second link "VMware IDentity manager" ,is not published to end user.

Is there a way to achieve this redirection to be visible to the user? or in another way, is there a way in F5 to preauthencticate this process, and eliminate the need to do the redirection to the end user?

VMware IDentity manager link cannot be published, as VMware automation will always redirect to VMware IDentity manager using its internal hostname.

Thank you

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  • Could you look in HTTP_RESPONSE for a Location header to the IDentity manager, and redirect someplace else instead?