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Oct 19, 2018

Integration question: Cisco ACI with f5 in unmanaged mode

(knowledge level : rudimentary :: first aci <-> f5 integeration project of my life:: reaching out to the community since everyone seems to be baffled)


Need help in getting a stalled project through. trying to reach out the community to identify any direct Cisco ACI + f5 technical material to understand and configure f5 in unmanaged mode. There are quite a few links dealing in more complex vcmp/virtual and other issues. The work done so far:


expected target architecture : Use f5 in unmanaged mode with ACI. With ACI expected to act like a regular switch and not be bothered with l4-7 et al.


f5 configs: single physical f5 device : Port 2.1 and 2.2 : portchanneled to ACI 9K leaf switches : trunk is green/up!


When you talk to Cisco as soon as they here f5 - the immediate jump is to configure l4-7. Q: When f5 is treating ACI as a switch how do i configure so that is it not bothered with l4-7 et al.


Any discussion around this to further expand will be highly appreciated.




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