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Jul 05, 2012

Initialize-F5-iControl Permission Denied

First, I have reviewed the previous forum posts on this and they do not apply.



Ive ran into an issue that I cannot explain. There is no proxy.




I am using the standard method to connect and this works great. It did function in the console and in the GUI application that was built for management.




Initialize-F5.iControl -HostName $u_f5bigip -Username $u_f5uid -Password $u_f5pwd




Running on the same Machine as the same User using this inside a PowerShell GUI, allows me to connect.




If I assign variable values in the console to match and run this I get the PermissionDenied error.




If I used -Credentials, I do not have any issues.






So I cannot explain why this method is still working via the GUI but not the console on version: BIG-IP 11.1.0 Build 2027.0 Hotfix HF2




Lower Env is on BIG-IP 9.3.0 Build 178.5 and has no issues with either method.


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  • There shouldn't be any difference. The Cmdlet just takes the parameters supplied and adds them to the .Net HTTP client call. Must be something to do with the values being passed in. There must be something going on with the values of the variables before they get sent in to the Cmdlet. A couple of things to try:



    1. Try the call in the console with the values hardcoded into the call (ie. no variables). Does that work or not?


    2. Try using variables in the GUI (not sure if you did this from your questions).


    3. Verify that the variables are set correctly (ie. you haven't done $u_f5bigi = "foo" and then called it with $u_f5bigip - note the missing p in the first one). I've made this mistake before.


    4. Print out the contents of the variables before the call with quotes around them (to make sure there aren't added whitespace). This should rule out 3.



    The authentication should be version independent so I'm kinda stumped on this one. I could look at building you a debug version of the cmdlet's that would save diagnostic info before the calls if that would help things.