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Jul 25, 2022

info soap[26525]: src=, user=

Hell Team


i am ruuning Tmos version and getting following error messgae. can you please suggest is it normal behavior or bug and suggest for any new version which is stable 


info soap[26525]: src=, user=

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    Document K26814434 says lines like these are expected

    ""The BIG-IP system may initiate SOAP calls for certain configuration items being viewed/modified from the Configuration Utility. For such calls, some parts of of the message are omitted compare to the user initiated calls, for example:

    info soap[8484]: src=, user=""


    Late reply, but maybe useful for the next person finding the post.

    • Warms my old heart to see a kind soul circling back to update an old post like this one. Here, have a kudo!

  • This does not look very strange to me, nor does it seem like an error since the log level is info. Could you share more of the lines and which log it comes from?

    BigIP has a bunch of services that uses the local API for a bunch of things. SOAP sounds old school but perhaps it's just an old service that still has not been migrated to ie. REST?