Welcome to the F5 XC Community User Group

Welcome to our new virtual community group within the F5 DevCentral. 

We want to build great products for you and you great solutions for your users.  We cannot do that without discussion and partnership.  We cannot do that unless we do it together.  Please engage with us and each other as part of this open community.

What is DevCentral? An online community (started in 2004 and 100% run by the F5 DevCentral team) for technical peers dedicated to learning, exchanging ideas, and solving problems together. Your access to the Distributed Cloud User Group also gives you access to the rest of DevCentral. We encourage you to check it out. 

What is the Distributed Cloud User Group? A public exclusive hub within the DevCentral community where you all can congregate and connect with your peers and the F5 XC team. 

This community group was created to ease knowledge-sharing and communication. To supply a frictionless forum to share and receive information that is critical to us all. Here customers and F5 employees alike can teach and share their best practices and learn from each other's experiences. To help us all understand the ins and outs of solutions and to gain the most value from them. 

Within the group you can: 

  • Start a new discussion [Forum] 
    You can post anything (questions, observations, comments, etc.). Want to talk about Distributed Cloud, Security, WAAP (Web App and API) Protection), networking, CDN (Content Delivery Network), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), DNS (Domain Name System), application management services across public/private cloud, network edge compute or any other related topics? Ask questions about a current blog post, give advice on a new workaround, or get help from your peers with something? Use this type of post to do so. Feel free to give people kudos for posts, ask questions, and share comments on them too.  
  • Suggest an idea [Suggestions] 
    No community is effective without conversation. Suggestions posts are our venue for building input together. Here you can float ideas to be hardened by the constructive input of your peers and driven to a resolution with us. We probably can’t do everything under the sun, but this will really help us hear your voices, coordinate, and prioritize. 
  • Interact with your peers 

Note: Please do not use the group to request product support. Instead log into  your F5 XC Account. If you do not have an account, see Create an Account. 



Updated Sep 08, 2022
Version 4.0

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