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Nov 28, 2011

Inbound Load Balancing ( BIGIP Link Controller )

We have Users Balanced to 2 ISPs ( connections from users to ISPs is load balanced through F5 Link Controller , by That Outbound load balancing is achieved


Now , we need to achieve in bound loab balancing ( users comming from internet to access servers behing F5 Link Controller )


Let's assume that I don't want to use listeners/Wide IPs for inbound load balancing , instead I will do the following : create Virtual server containing a pool , this pool has my servers as pool members , for any connecting client his ISP DNS will resolve to Virtual Server IP & when traffic hits this virtual server IP it will be balanced to pool members , is this possible not to use Listener/Wide IPs( The same concept of LTM ) ?




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  • Hi,



    You can but: Virtual Server IP will be in only one ISP range and so you can't load balance Inbound connections.


    With Listeners/Wide IPs , you need 2 Virtual servers (each load balance to pool members) one in ISP1 range and the other in ISP2 range ( and for example) , the links will be load balanced (Inbound) and you can manage with one ISP lost.






  • Hi FredR , Thanks Alot , i got it now


    You are My Link Controller Hero :)