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Jun 26, 2019

Imported Image is not showing in Available Image in F5 LTM



I have successfully imported an Image in F5 LTM but it is not showing in Available Image. How we can check it?



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  • Hi


    How did you copy the image to the device - via the GUI or using SCP/SFTP?

    Is the copied file present in /shared/images/ Does the file name look correct or does it have filepart in the name?

    Can you see the image using TMSH? - list /sys software image


    ...sorry for all the questions....

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      i have same issue, im running virtual edition 16.0.0 on my vmware.

      copied files are available in  /shared/images/

      cannot see the copied image - list /sys software image

  • I just did this same thing.  My problem was that I mistakenly uploaded an .OVA file, when I should have uploaded an .ISO file.