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Jul 06, 2020

if pool(8081) goes down it should affect other pools as well(80/443)

HI Folks, We have an application where its has ports 80,443,8081 on server and we have a scenario where if port 8081 goes down , we dont want any traffic to enter on to servers on any pools which me...
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    Jul 06, 2020


    If possible, you can check service availability by monitoring the 8081 port on node level.

    Means you can create a monitor (service or content check) setting the "Alias Service Port" to 8081. This paramater will able the monitor to be a choice on node level.

    Then in node object, on "Health monitors" option you select "Node Specific" and set the previous created monitor.

    So, when monitor 8081 fails on node, all pool with that node reference will disable member by status inheritance.

    Remember, this approach will disable members on pool referenced to that node when service 8081 fails.


    Is it the case?

    I hope it helps.