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Sep 19, 2023

iControl PFX Upload with PowerShell

Has anyone found a way to import a PFX into the f5 using PowerShell? I am attempting to perform this using the method below but am unable to get the iControl PowerShell snap-in registered.

I see there is now PowerShell module available now instead of using the snap-in, but there are no cmdlets for importing certificates, especially pfx files. Any help is appreciated, as we are trying to automate our certifate renewals. 



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  • Hi fullboat1010 ,


    Please refer

    Using 11.4.1, how do I import a pfx file using iControl/Powershell. In the UI, I navigate to System --> File Management --> SSL Certificate List. Click Import, change the "Import Type" drop down to PKCS 12 (IIS), enter a label for my cert in Certificate (ie: testCert), use "Choose File" to navigate to where I've stored the PFX and select the PFX. Enter the password needed by the PFX file (ie: testpassword) and click import.

    I see under icontrol there is a ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file and ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file_v2

    v2 is for 11.5 and above. It doesn't work on 11.4. So just ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file

    I look up the overloads for this and it seems fairly straightforward: void pkcs12_import_from_file(iControl.ManagementKeyCertificateManagementModeType mode, string[] ids, string[] file_names, string[] passwords, bool overwrite)

    which I translate to


    which blows up with Invalid filename. Filenames may only contain the following characters: [A-Za-z][0-9].-_/"

    so I try variations on the filename including setting my location to c:\temp and trying


    which gets error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file""



    which results in: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory""

    sooo...... I guess the crux of my problem is: How do I specify where the pfx to import is located? I've seen a couple other questions with this same problem but they don't have answers... so here's my hat in the ring



  • F5_Design_Engineer - that is a very robust answer. Thanks for making the effort.

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