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Nov 10, 2010

icontrol for removing VLAN's from VS once the VS goes down

Hi Guys,



I hope you are all well, I have a little scenario that I'm having trouble with.



We have a health monitor setup to monitor tcp/61619 and this HM is applied to a Pool which is then applied to a Virtual Server.



When the HM fails (i.e. i stop the listening port on the node) the VS still listens on tcp/61619 and I understand that the only way to stop the VS from listening is to remove it from the VLAN.



I'm thinking that I could use icontrol to run a script and remove the VS from the specific VLAN.



Can someone please advise if this is possible? the script would need to be triggered once the VS goes down.







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  • It is possible. You could pass snmp traps to a system to listen for pool down message, then use icontrol to move the virtual server into a dummy inaccessible vlan until the pool is back up. Have you tried an iRule that discards requests in the event the pool is down?

      if { [active_members my_pool] < 1 } {