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Mar 15, 2011

icontrol exception error




We have : BIG-IP Version 10.2.0 1789.0" and we trying to customize icontrol programme "usermanagement.cs" file.


(icontrol's version 10.2.0).



The first error was no get_role() function in XML file, then we checked and changed with get_user_permission.


After then, we started to gete following exception:



{"There is an error in XML document (11, 2)."}



We are looking forward your response.



Thanks a lot





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  • It's a bit difficult to diagnose the problem without a bit more info. Could you provide the code with the value of the parameters you are using to make the calls that return errors?





  • Hello,



    In "UserManagementMain.cs" file there is a get_role() function. While we are debugging, when we called get_role(), we redirect to "management.usermanagement.wsdl" file and there is a comment is says ".... should use get_user_permission() instead". After then, we change get_role() with get_user_permission() in


    1- UserManagementMain.cs


    2- ManagementUserManagement.cs



    but still we are getting an exception..



    I hope this info help to understand our problem.



    Thanks a lot,



  • Actually we figure the problem out now we manage to come our main point which is creating a NEW ROLE like User_role_test and give some spesific permission to this role via ICONTROL? Is that possible? At first stage we write a new role in Management.Usermanagement.wdsl and generate "ManagementUsermanagement.cs" through wdsl.exe file. Now we want give some permission to this role and deploy all these changes to real F5 machine. We just begin to make something with F5 and Icontol etc. so if the questions are so simple and stupid, sorry in advance.. Thanks a lot
  • Hi Beytul,



    That level of granularity for admin user roles doesn't currently exist. You cannot modify the default roles to customize the specific permissions. I think there have been requests for this in the past. If you'd like to see this type of functionality added to the product, you can open a case with F5 Support to request it.



    Or have I misinterpreted what you're trying to do?



  • Hello,



    Yo did not misunderstand. Okay I ll raise an issue for this. Thanks a lot.


    I you dont mind, I want to ask one more simple question. If it could have been done ( I mean, "You can modify the default roles to customize the specific permissions"),


    How can we adopt this changes in Icontrol to F5? Is there any doc for us to summarize the process?



    Thanks in advance