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  • Thank you very much for your response. Could you please let us know if there is a way to apply HA configuration on BigIp running on 10.1 through iControl api.


  • Thanks Micheal. This interface does not allow me to configure


    icontrol api to configure system > high avilability > redundancy , config sync, network failover and network mirrorring?


    Also, how can I even set the System > Platform > Configuration > High Availability to Redundant HA Pair


    We actually spin a BigIp vm and apply all the HA configuration through iControl.


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      Did you find an answer for this. As Im also looking for the same.
  • One option might be to use the Management.DBVariable modify interface method, and set the DB keys associated to failover in v10 (default values bold).


    • Failover.ForceActive disable|enable
    • Failover.ForceStandby disable|enable
    • Failover.IsRedundant false|true
    • FailoverNetwork 0|1
    • Failover.Standby.LinkDownTime 0|n (where n is amount of time in tenths of seconds)
    • Failover.UnitId 1|2

    Post back if anyone is able to verify this approach on a 10.x system.