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Feb 28, 2024

i5800 unbundle interfaces so i can use it as a single interface

I am setting up F5 HA pairs but have this challenge that in new i5800 we have 40G interfaces which work as bundle interfaces for 10G interfaces, I am trying to use single interface as seprately but its not working and i am getting ARP of 40 G interface rather then 10G interface. If anyhow have solution to unbundle it i try below mentioned but it did'nt work.


modify interface 1.0 bundle disabled


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  • when you looked at the logs after that command, did you see the restart of the bcm56xxd daemon?

    This article mentions two methods, you can check if the GUI method perhaps works better.

    Do keep in mind you need one of those 40g to 10g breakout cables, it isn't only setting the setting.