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Jan 19, 2023

I can't open PDF through F5 LTM/ASM


I have an issue with my ASM, i am not able to open a pdf file when using F5 under F5 even if is legal request :


Please, any idea about this issue ?


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  • Hi Hamza , 
    Try to disable ASM policy first from your Virtual server and see if this fixed this issue or not ,

    -if yes you should see what makes ASM to block opening or downloading PDF files requests ,

    -If not you should disable http profile from your virtual server and change virtual server type from standard to performance layer 4 " If this available with you and this web site does not serve production services now " , if this issue resolved , I recommend to disable http parsing against PDF files as clarified in the below KB :

    but first differentiate if this an ASM issue or not. 

    I hope this helps you

  • Hi

    in my case

    abnomal http protocol.

    if you can check the content length, Because Web Firewall solutions view content sizes, signatures are detected when data sizes are different.

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      Hi Hooni_L ,


      Please note that i have fotgate FW, and test is done without F5.

      So FW has not impact.