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Apr 11, 2011

Http::collect to parse some data in the http request

Hi guys,



I am having troubles on some http payload (xml soap) that I can't see in an irule (once I see it, i'd be able to parse some data and allow or drop traffic).




I have tried to tcpdumpo the traffic (-s0) and I see all the soap request sent from a device to the server that is behind the Bigip, there's no limit, the soap request is complete with tcpdump.








In this xml soap (a sequence of values in this format):


















I need to parse a specific field and then to compare it with a string, if they match, go otherwise drop, not too difficult.






Issue is that with my irule I can see only a part of the soap xml, and more than the last half of it is missing and not collected:










Here my Irule:












HTTP::collect 2151
















log local0. " payload [HTTP::payload]"











When I'll be able to see the payoad in full, then I could use findstr to parse the string I need and do my tests.










As told, in /var/log/ltm I see just part of the Soap xml, the rest is just "not collected, and not logged".


Any reason why ?






Even replacing the value (that I saw with the tcpdump) of 2151 did not solve:






HTTP::collect [HTTP::header Content-Length]











I am stuck :/






Thx a lot to anyone who has some tips.














































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  • Hi Nicola,



    Can you post an anonymized copy of the request headers and payload? You can use tcpdump to capture this:



    tcpdump -nni 0.0 -Xs0 host CLIENT_IP



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Thanx for the answer Hoolio,



    it happened that I managed to have the full payload, issue is the command "log local0." that only logs part of the full payload.



    The log local0. is buggy, but the bigip is not :), I was able to parse with findstrthe full payload and to do all my test/substitution in it.



    All's well.