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May 09, 2011

http stats and unrealistic "request size" results

from bigpipe shell



bp> http stats reset



count to 30



bp> http stats show




| response size ( <1k, 1-4k, 4-16k, 16-32k, 32-64k, 64-128k, 128-512k, 512k-2M, >2M)


| (12613, 29018, 1877, 38, 198, 13, 13, 1, 170636)





this is simply not possible. the vast majority of our response payload is under 32K, in fact i could not think of any responses that our site generates which are that big.



is it possible that anything without a Content-Length: header gets lumped into that >2M bucket? if not, what else could be causing this discrepancy?





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  • I'm not sure what would cause this. Your guess seems plausible. You could test this by creating a separate HTTP profile and test virtual server which you set up against a web app that sends chunked responses to see. Or you could open a case with F5 Support on this.



    If you figure it out, can you post back here with the answer?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • you bet - having trouble getting registered for the askf5 stuff right now (the url they send to verify email address is broken... sigh)



  • You should be able to search the AskF5 solutions without credentials. To open a case you can email or call them via the numbers on



  • just wanted to come back as i got an answer from f5 and here's what they had to say:



    "The HTTP Profile statistics are based on the Content-Length header. HTTP responses lacking a Content-Length header are counted in the 2MB+ bracket."
  • Thanks for posting that. It was a good educated guess on your part :)



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