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May 14, 2015

HTTP Protocol Compliance Failed

Hi there,


we are experiencing Authenticated Incident - HTTP protocol compliance failed for one of our client.


we are trying understand the reason for this alert has been triggered by ASM F5 ?


We are also trying to know the violation which is triggering this alert, as this seems to be an false positive to us.


Thanks Sathya AKA Sunny Junior Infosec security analyst


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    ASM Generates Support ID in case of any request logged in it. Can you share details against that particular request from support ir.


  • Hi,

    the reason of blocking you can filnd in asm logs. Logs store is /var/log/asm.

    For ex. part of log message:

    Request blocked, violations: HTTP protocol compliance failed.

    HTTP protocol compliance sub violations: Null in request.

    Settings for HTTP protocol compliance are in Security  ››  Application Security : Blocking : Settings -> section RFC Violation > HTTP protocol compliance failed.