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Mar 06, 2012

HTTP_Profile for virtual server = no more traffic




my platform : ASM 3600 without LTM licence (purchase is in progress) used for Outlook Web Access application.



For reverse proxy, I create a node, a member and a virtual server. It's working fine.



To configure ASM (application security part) I first need to define a HTTP profile to my virtual server.


But as soon as I apply the profile to my virtual server there is no more traffic arriving on


my virtual server.



Does anybody have any idea ?







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  • Hi Alex,



    Is this in production or are you testing?



    Is the client using HTTPS to connect to the virtual server? If so, do you have a client SSL profile enabled on the virtual server?



    Can you post an anonymized version of the VS config using:



    tmsh list ltm virtual VS_NAME



  • Hello Hoolio,



    Yes, clients are using HTTPS.


    So you was right, I added a SSL client profile plus the HTTP profile and it worked.



    Thank You Aaron.