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Feb 22, 2021

HTTP Monitor for web server

Hi guys

I need your help!


our customer want to check html files

but this html files not exist in root

for example html files located root/a/b/c/aa.html


I'm testing on our lab but.. it is not work


why F5 can't check this html file?

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  • Your question is contradicting, please recheck.

    Ask your client to give the complete url of the html file directly accessed through the server IP or server hostname in the browser

    Using that we'll frame ​the syntax.

    Also it's possible, the backend server has site binding, so unless you give the right host header in the send query, you'll have this monitor marked down all time.​

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      Yes I testing on our lab using apache2 web server

      but it is not working server send 404 code, I made a test file on this server ..