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Dec 03, 2010

HTTP keep-alive problem: Need it on client side, but can't allow it on server side.




I'm in a situation where the server side can't handle HTTP keep-alive connections, but I need to have it enabled on the client side.



CLIENT ---- keep-alive ----- BIG-IP ------ no keep-alive ------ SERVER



I've created an iRule that modifies the HTTP Connection header of the clients request to include "Connection: close", when sent to the server side. When the server responds it also has a "Connection: close" header, which I remove, but the BIGIP still sends a FIN, ACK to the client and closes the connection.

Any advice is appriciated.





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  • Hi Ka,



    We discussed this scenario here:





    Can you try testing with a OneConnect profile as described in that post? You might also need to limit the HTTP requests to 1 on the HTTP profile.



  • Thanks for the reply.


    I forgot to mention one more constraint, I think I need to apply this with an iRule as it should only affect certain URLs.


    I don't think I can apply the oneconnect profile within an iRule to only that traffic?



    // Ka



  • Hi Ka,



    You can use ONECONNECT::reuse enable|disable to selectively enable/disable serverside connection re-use: