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Mar 24, 2020

hsl logging apm


i have configured this iRule to send syslog message to a remote server with the username and ip that a user gets once starts network access.

i see the log written on the ltm log file however i see no syslog traffic leaving the F5

    ACCESS::restrict_irule_events disable
    set hsl [HSL::open -proto UDP -pool PA-IL-SyslogUID]

    if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/isession?sess=" } {
        after 5000 { log local0. "VPN started for [ACCESS::session data get session.logon.last.username] from IP [IP::client_addr] assigned client IP [ACCESS::session data get session.assigned.clientip]"}
        HSL::send $hsl "Network Access username:[ACCESS::session data get session.logon.last.username] client-ip:[IP::client_addr] vpn-ip:[ACCESS::session data get session.assigned.clientip]"

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  • This is an old post, no answers ?
    Are you sending data to Splunk?
    If so, I see you have what the Splunk docs show for "set hsl".  I ended up using the publisher, not "proto UDP -pool .."

    Reply back if you're still working on this, I'll post my iRule for sending APM data to Splunk.