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Feb 25, 2022

How to sort and filter?

I am trying to sort and filter a couple of things and any help would be appreciated.

I need to sort and extract all Layer 4 traffic . There are about 500+ virtual servers and I would like to know  how to sort out which of those are layer 4 traffic and which others are just plain jane virtual servers with no irules or profiles or have anything special going on besides just A to B traffic.   I hope this makes sense, the customer just wants to know of what do they have, that doesn't have any logic behind the routing or traffic. I can't figure out how to extract that information easily. 

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  • That's not an easy task, since each single virtual server might run several possible different combinations of traffic profiles to modify traffic behavior. 

    Network map tool should give you a pretty straight-forward look on the configuration. 

    Other than that you might make a good use of the CLI to extract informations one at a time and report them in some sort of file. 
    For example, first you list all profiles: " tmsh list ltm virtual all one-line | egrep --color 'ltm virtual|profiles' " , then you list all NAT's " tmsh list ltm virtual all one-line | egrep --color 'ltm virtual|source-address-translation' " , then you list all iRules ..