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Aug 10, 2022

how to set sslvpn clients external ip same as address pool leased ip and not using bigip self ip

hi i am new to F5 and i am trying to setup sslvpn solution that seems to be very simple i am using aws marketplace ltm bigip ve instance single nic configuration, bigip selfip is of network. now i have configured sslvpn to use address pool lease of in pass all trffic via bigip mode so i am expecting access internet via bigip external ip (elastic ip) and access internal resources via network but in my case all traffic getting out to internal resources via bigip self ip ( and not via clients leased ip for example ( is there a way to set sslvpn clients source ip as there leased ip?

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  • Set the SNAT Pool Setting in your Network Access List from AutoMap to None. Correct routing for the lease pool ip addresses must be configured with this setup.

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      snat pool configured to none

      routing configured on aws route table assosiated to bigip instance

      on bigip itself i configured default route to aws vpc default gateway in my case

      this config works as expected, but i dont have insternet access when selecting Force all traffic through tunnel
      option. only internal resources availble