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Jul 11, 2012

How to Restore UCS archives obtained from Big IP version 10.2.1 to version 10.2.2




I want to restore a UCS file, that was backed up using BigIP version 10.2.1, on to Big IP version 10.2.2.



When I tried to restore I got following error -



UCS version (10.2.2) is newer than system's (10.2.1). Not Supported. Exit Installation



(You may want to refer the attached screenshot for details.)



Just wanted to know if anyone has tried to restore an older version of UCS file on to a newer Big IP version?? ... or may be you can throw some light on this as to how it can be accomplished?



Thanks in advance!




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  • Hi Atul,



    The easiest way for you to accomplish what your after is to install 10.2.1 into a separate partition, reboot, and restore the UCS in that partition. Then upgrade that partition to 10.2.2 since they are incompatible between versions. You can then export it and import it on a different device, or continue running in the new partition.



    Hope this helps.