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Apr 23, 2020

How to rename SSL certificate name and key name ?

Hi Team ,


I have certificate with name WRONG_NAME_443.crt , I would like to change it to CORRECT_NAME_443.crt same for the key . How can I achieve this ?


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  • Do you mean renaming certificate and key name given on F5 while importing it ?



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      I have generated a CSR with name WRONG_NAME_443 for the URL , and I have received certificate from CA and I have imported that to F5 ,

      Now we realized the certificate name should be changed to CORRECT_NAME_443 ( which we follow the standard ) .So i just want to change the certificate name and certificate key name .


      from WRONG_NAME_443.crt to CORRECT_NAME_443.crt

      from WRONG_NAME_443.key to CORRECT_NAME_443.key

  • So you have only problem with certificate and key names given on the F5 while importing it but not with the files. So here you can't change names which are already given while importing it on F5. You can re-import certificate and key files and give proper names.


    Hope it helps!


  • It's very simple... Open one more tab for same page and click on create, fill the correct key or object name... Copy n paste key n cert..