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Apr 24, 2012

How to provide logs according to DCC.PARSER_STATUS_CODES for asm remote syslog server

Hi Support,



We have two asm aplliance and we want to send log to symantec log management server. However, eventough we configure logging profile on gui, we cannot get details logs on the symantec log management server. Actually I have researched this matter on the devcentral but, I have not found anything considirible. Only I have found a matter about the issue; Extended Logging-ASM. However we know nothing about the DCC.PARSER_STATUS_CODES. If we can write irule related to these codes I suppose we will be able to handle the issue. There fore, we need to your help about this matter.



Note:We can see content of asm.log file on the ssyslog server but, we cannot see noting related to the signature id event, so we want to see like signature id and name, support id,attack details,parameter names on syslog server. Since as you know if we configure logging profile normally we cannot see above informations on the syslog server.




Thank you in advance



Kind regards




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  • Hi Can,



    I'd open a case with F5 Support to get help troubleshooting this. They'll be able to view your exact config to diagnose the issue.