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Sep 13, 2011

How to make an EAV to check a string deeper than 5,120 bytes into an HTTP response?

I need to make a monitor that searches for a word in a http response, but that word is in the end of the string.



Regular monitors goes only to 5,120 bytes, so i need to create an EAV (External Application Verification) for this task.




How do i do this?






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  • Hi Thales,



    As far as I'm aware, the 5120 byte limit is not user-configurable. You could use an external monitor instead:






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    Another thing to consider is writing a separate script that lives on your origin web servers that is a wrapper for a number of tests performed on the application. I've done this in the past so that the BIG-IP health monitor can be as simple as possible while leaving the logic in a script on the webservers. You can also build some caching into the test script as well to prevent overloading your backend with excessive requests from health monitors.



  • Thanks for the help.



    For now i´ll try the EAV monitor. I´m not so familiar with server scripts.



    In this example (, if i put my request at the URI and the string i expect at the RECV, will it work without the 5,120 bytes limit?