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Jan 02, 2023

How to make a WSS request not restart the session timeout


We have a page that is used to notify the application if the user is in session or not, without interferring with the session timeout itself. This page is accessed by the client automatically every X seconds.

This is the code:


if {$httpPath == "/pagename"} {

		if {([HTTP::cookie value MRHSession] != "") && ([ACCESS::session exists -state_allow])  } {
			HTTP::respond 200 content Yes SomeHeader Yes 
		} else {
			HTTP::respond 200 content No SomeHeader No


Now the application team start using some component called SignalR which uses WSS, let's say the path is /signalr.

This path is also accessed automaticaly every X seconds by the client, and thus restarts the session timeout counter and the app never disconnect.

I need to do the same intervention like the code above does, only with this /signalr page.

Problem is that unlike with the current /pagename path, if I add the /signalr path to the IF, it blocks the request from getting to the app server and breaks the app.

Anyone familiar with this component or know why it acts differently?


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