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Jun 26, 2023

How to log the IP address client from an LTM policy?


I created an LTM policy which tries to log the IP address of the client according to this guide but it does not run because the text logged in /var/log/ltm is:

Refused connection to [HTTP::uri] from [IP::client_addr]

and also

Refused connection to tcl:[HTTP::uri] from tcl:[IP::client_addr]


The F5 BIG IP version is


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  • The TCL: instruction should be called as the first parameter. in the instruction. 

    If you need multiple info to be logged, I believe you should be able to save them as variables and call them with $NAME in logging instruction. 

  • Hi JDamian , 

    > Did you create the LTM policy for log client ip only ? so you match " ALL traffic and Action to Log Client IP ".
    > could you please show here the cofigured LTM policy.
    > have you attached HTTP profile in your Virtual server ? 
    > Did you put this TCL command "tcl:[IP::client_addr] " as is or what ?