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Jun 22, 2011

How to loadblance Oracle DB by use irules to differentiate read and write request?

I want to use irules to differentiate oracle read and write request.


Who can tell me how to do it?





If request include "select" ,then use db_read_pool


else then use db_write_pool



I can not know what is the right syntax.pls help me,thanks.




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  • Hi Charlie,


    There is a post similar to your request made in the Oracle Forum





    I hope this helps


  • I don't think the logic is quite that easy though, as you could have a DDL command with a select statement:



    SELECT *


    INTO new_table


    FROM old_table



    If this is something you'd like to see built into LTM, you could open a case with F5 Support with details on your use case.



  • Hi Bhattman,


    That irule cause can not connect to the database



    Hi Hoolio,


    Thank you for your suggestions



  • hi Charlie,


    The iRule won't know how to connect to the database - simply because the irule is looking into the TCP packet. However, that would lead into a more sophisticated version of the Irule to account for the DDL command.