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Dec 27, 2021

How to implement Device ID+ with BIG-IP ASM/AWAF

Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to test out Device ID+ with BIG-IP AWAF, I followed this: Click here for more information on comprehensive BIG-IP iApp deployment and configuration options.


i configured all required firewall rules to allow BIG-IP to connect to (


Note: i have ASM/AWAF lic only





I tired to access the website many times to check if the BIGIP will inject the JS and get the Device ID, before i allow the BIGIP to connect to ( the script was failing, now status code is 200





This is ASM event log




Still Device ID field is N/A, Device ID+ configuration should reflect to Device ID field??



Anyone can help what's wrong?

I tired Online verification tool from F5




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      Hello Daniel,


      Thank for your reply, i read your explanation while im learning about Device ID+ and it's really good...


      what i need for next step, to match this data diA & diB and do something with it, i want to use it for brute force protection, Bot defense Dos etc.. but i will keep search

  • i'm able to log diA & diB using irule provided by Anulfo Hernandez


    when HTTP_REQUEST {
        if [HTTP::cookie exists _imp_apg_r_] {
            set deviceid [URI::decode [HTTP::cookie _imp_apg_r_]]
            log local0. "URL Decoded cookie is $deviceid"
            set deviceida [lindex [regexp -inline -- (?:"diA":")(.*?)(?:") $deviceid] 1]
            log local0. "diA = $deviceida"
            set deviceidb [lindex [regexp -inline -- (?:"diB":")(.*?)(?:") $deviceid] 1]
            log local0. "diB = $deviceidb"
            log local0. "IP is [IP::client_addr]"
            log local0. "Path os [HTTP::path]"
        } else {
        log local0. "No cookie"

    now i want to use it with bot defense how to match on diA?

         if {[$diA equals {"[AYrQyWEAAAAACxF5RBPJyPdDICteKxbw"}]} {
             set res [BOTDEFENSE::action block]
    		 log local0. "Mohanad is Blocked"


    • How do you want to identify a bot by only looking at diA? You would need to have a list of known good identifiers (maybe all devices belonging to your company?) and then make an iRule action based on this list.

      Or you could store Device ID+ identifiers and build a custom solution that would, for example, rate limit this device, or block the device if it appears from different geolocations within unreasonable time (now in USA, 10 seconds later in Sweden or so).


      What I want to say is, that the device identifier from DID+ does not mean anything to Bot Defense. You will have to build a custom solution and "business logic" around it.

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        Thank you Daniel, You are absolutely right about build a custom solution and "business logic", i realized that DID+ not fully integrated with F5 BIGIP, all i want to test out the feature with ASM like a PoC.