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Dec 07, 2011

how to gather how many IPs hit the url and how many times

Hi,dear irule


I meet a new requirement recently



there is an URL:


I wanna gather the stats :


how many IPs hit this url: such as , ;;


how many times per each ip hit this as 10 times 200times 1times




how to achieve this


thanks very much


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  • the period may be one month ,it is only the current stats,I need a long term stats


    thanks in advance
  • have you seen table command article by Spark? there are good counting examples there.



    v10.1 - The table Command - Counting by Spark

  • hmm,I am not sure whether table command will reslove this


    Need to know how many IPs and how many times per Ip hit the url
  • Hi Jucao,



    I'd actually suggest using High Speed Logging to send a syslog message to a remote (pool of) syslog server(s) and then do your parsing there off of LTM. This will save CPU and memory on LTM. For details on this, see this recent post:



    Log unique Client Addresses per (Hour|Day|Etc)




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    Yes. You can use the tables. But be aware that although the tables are good, keeping stats in there for a month is probably overkill. And you don't need to.



    What Id' suggest is a balance between using tables and using HSL (Or SIDEBAND connections) to update an external server with the stats. SImilar to the method I used in the LDAP stats counting and reporting iRUles.



  • this is counted for 60 seconds. please feel free to revise.

    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b virtual bar list
    virtual bar {
       snat automap
       pool foo
       ip protocol 6
       rules myrule
       profiles {
          http {}
          tcp {}
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b rule myrule list
    rule myrule {
       when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {
            table set -subtable "iplist" [IP::client_addr] "ignored"
            set reqno [table incr "reqs:[IP::client_addr]"]
            table set -subtable "reqrate:[IP::client_addr]" $reqno "ignored" indefinite 60
    when HTTP_REQUEST {
            if {[string tolower [HTTP::uri]] equals "/stats"} {
                    set stats "ip,request number\n"
                    foreach ip [table keys -subtable "iplist"] {
                            append stats "$ip,[table keys -count -subtable "reqrate:$ip"]\n"
                    HTTP::respond 200 Content $stats
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  curl -i
    HTTP/1.0 200 OK
    Server: BigIP
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    Content-Length: 67
    ip,request number,12,5,2